Jarett Millard
Application Developer, Problem Solver, Generally Useful Person

Recent and/or Awesome Projects

Resility Health

Welcome to a better way to manage stress. The Resility app connects with a Bluetooth muscle activity sensor to track your muscle tension in real time. I developed the Android version of Resility.


Find things to do around you. intoGo learns what you like. The more you use it, the better your recommendations become. I developed the Android version of intoGo.


Enjoy the game with friends! SportsYapper was a sports-focused social network. I took over development of the SportsYapper Android app and made many enhancements, including adding support for taking photos and videos to attach to your Yapps.

Browser SMS Messenger

Android app to make texting more convenient. The app runs a web server that allows you to access a slick web application for sending and receiving text messages in a browser. In creating the app, I gave extra attention to making sure that the user interface was easy to use and set up, even for a non-technical user.

PassMarket Wallet

PassMarket is a loyalty rewards platform built on top of Passbook. Originally intended to simply parse and display Apple's Passbook passes, PassMarket Wallet for Android now includes many more features, including map-based search and user account management.

Florida Medical Development

Database-driven web application to handle patient data, procedure scheduling, billing, and data reporting. Included an Android tablet app to record patient data offline during procedures. When the tablet has an internet connection, the data can be synced to the database. For this project, I was primarily responsible for the Android tablet app.


Fully homegrown and 100% customizable tabbed website administration. Tabmin is currently in use on over 50 different websites, from property management sites to shopping carts to membership websites. Tabmin was built from the ground up with special consideration to security, usability, and speed. Each implementation of Tabmin is customized to the specific needs of the customer.


I was the sole programmer on this Android app that disables texting, emailing, and web browsing while the user is driving. If the user is riding as a passenger, they can send a request for permission to use these functions with the tap of a button. Additionally, the app offers the parent/administrator the option to be notified if the app is removed from the user's phone.